Beautifully handcrafted stained glass Nativity set will make a beautiful heirloom.


The Nativity Set comprises of the following:  

          Stage with star and  2 Palm Trees,

          Mary holding baby Jesus and a Crib,

          Joseph with a staff,

          White Angel,

          3 Kings holding each holding a gift of either Gold, frankincense or Myrrh, and beaded crown. 

          3 Camels with the blanket over the hump matching the colour of a king.,

          3 Shepherds,  2 holding lambs and one a crook, 

          2 Sheep and a donkey.


The individual pieces would sell for £231 but if offered on the website for £200 with free postage.


Each figure comes in a handmade felt presentation bag.


If you would like the item in a different colour or you would like more than I currently have in stock please contact me and I will give you a lead time on their creation(usually 2-4 weeks).

Full Nativity Set

  • Cleaning your stained glass hanging is really simple, just use water, washing up liquid and clean gently with a soft brush or cloth.